Pot Causes Twelve Hour Erection

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Clinicians at a recently released case study have concluded that pot was the probable culprit for a 32-year-old person’s persistent, painful erections. It is a rare and curious illustration of marijuana being correlated with what is called clinical jargon as priapism–an erection lasting over four hours that is not associated with sexual activity.

Priapism may have serious effects, the report notes, for example”damage to the penile tissues, together with noteworthy destruction obvious at half an hour” and”over 90 percent of these staying erect for 24 h losing sexual functioning ” The consequences can be irreversible.

The individual in the event study, released this month in the Journal of Cannabis Research, was formerly treated in the hospital to get an erection lasting 12 hours. In another incident explained in the report, he arrived in the emergency department having a erection that had lasted for six hours. He told doctors he was smoking pot a few nights per week for the previous six months and during this period undergone”four or more episodes of a persistent erection lasting near four weeks.” In every instance, he’d smoked pot inside a two-hour period prior to the erection started.

“The abstinence and following use of cannabis would be the only significant aspects in the individual’s struggle with recurrent unwanted erections”

Pot does not appear often in printed case studies between unwanted erections. As it does, it is often in scenarios where the erections have additional, more likely triggers. The group conducted a literature review also”was only able to identify four different instances of cannabis use coinciding with priapism,” the report states,”none of that were able to demonstrate cannabis was the only cause.”

A couple of the previous cases involved patients using sickle-cell disease, a major cause of priapism. The fourth involved a patient with diabetesanother famous cause–that had used lots of different compounds, such as cocaine–another cause–and anabolic steroids.

The new individual’s situation is exceptional. “He had no clinical history aside from mild hypertension, so he took no drugs, and used just cannabis, supported by his psychiatric medication screen,” the report states.

“On physical examination, the individual was mildly hypertensive having a vertical, swollen, and tender manhood ”

The guy had smoked pot off and on his lifetime, he told physicians. The intervals during which he absorbed cannabis appear to align with previous episodes of uncomfortable erections. “He stopped cannabis usage in his twenties, and in that period didn’t have some episodes of priapism.”

The report’s writers were left to think of how cannabis might have really led to the patient’s continual erections. One of the chances they identified was that cannabinoids were impacting regulatory mechanisms which could otherwise indicate an erection to finish.

Like many regions of marijuana study, the drug’s classification as a controlled substance has stymied research. “There’s a paucity of research exploring human erections and marijuana,” researchers wrote in another 2008 study,”and consequently there is inadequate evidence to indicate that marijuana will lead to priapism in humans.” Little progress was made since then.

Authors of the newest report call the case research”supporting evidence” for its concept that pot due to their patient’s lasting erection, even though they notice that synthetic cannabinoids have been”100 times stronger activators” of their human body’s cannabis receptors.

“If synthetic cannabinoids may lead to priapism, plant cannabis, impacting the same [cannabinoid receptors], are also able to potentiate this response,” the report states.

Of what little study does exist on cannabis and sex, most has concentrated on more desired results: creating sex better. In accordance with self-reported anonymous surveys–more scientific than many others –lots of folks, particularly girls, report using more satisfying and frequent sex after consuming pot.

A study headed by Becky Lynn, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Saint Louis University in Missouri, a year ago found that over two-thirds of girls (68.5% ) who stated they have consumed marijuana prior to sex”said that the general sexual experience was pleasurable.” Respondents also stated they had a heightened sex drive (60.6 percent) and much more fulfilling climaxes (52.8% ).

Another study this past year, with the Eastern Carolina University graduate student, also discovered that”participants believed that cannabis use improved their sexual performance and satisfaction,” linking pot intake with”increased appetite, sexual intensity, and sexual pleasure.”

A literature review published last September in the journal Sexual Medicines Review assessed years of evidence and reasoned a connection between cannabis and libido appears to exist, but outcomes rely heavily on dosage.

“Studies show that reduced doses enhance appetite but higher doses lower appetite or don’t have an effect on appetite in any way.”

Anecdotal evidence indicates that some guys find that consuming pot is beneficial in attaining and maintaining erections, but swallowing too much may impede stimulation. It is not clear the degree to which those impacts are bodily and to what level they’re linked to emotional factors such as stress and nervousness.

In terms of the guy using the 12-hour erection, it is not clear how he’s faked. According to the case study, he had been known to urology and internal medicine experts for additional diagnosis,”nevertheless he was missing to follow up within this age.”