Joe Biden Pot Legalization Will Be a Priority in 2021 if Elected

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Joe Biden pot legalization will be a major priority in 2021 if he is elected senators say.

“It ought to be, among other things, a recognition that much of what’s occurred over the past 20 to 25 years in our own nation is that we’ve criminalized being black, being brownish, being immigrant, being bad, chemical difficulties, mental health problems, homelessness problems –we have criminalized it,” he explained.

“Finally at the national level–starting on January 20, 2021, when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are ensured in–we produce the applications which makes it possible for companies to obtain access to the funds they want from the minority neighborhood so they can set their own companies in the cannabis industry,” the senator said. Continue reading “Joe Biden Pot Legalization Will Be a Priority in 2021 if Elected”

Legalizing Pot Decreases Youth Marijuana Treatment Admissions

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Does marijuana for adults result in a tidal wave of adolescents heading to cure? Not according to a new study from Temple University, in which investigators actually discovered declines in youth entrance rates for difficulty pot usage in two lawful nations.

If that is occurring, the analysis found that treatment admissions info to date show no indication of it.

“Our results imply that [recreational marijuana legalization] at Colorado and Washington wasn’t related to a rise in treatment admissions,” the analysis concluded. “Instead, we see a significant decrease in admissions rates across US states, together with signs indicating a larger decrease in Colorado/Washington after RML when compared with non-RML nations, although this difference wasn’t important.” Continue reading “Legalizing Pot Decreases Youth Marijuana Treatment Admissions”

New Jersey Wants Legal Pot and Higher Taxes on Pot Sales

legal pot, New Jersey, marijuana salesLegal Pot and Higher Taxes on Pot Sales Favored in New Jersey

New Jersey voters are ardently in favor of a referendum to legalize pot that is in their ballots this November–and many assistance of placing a tax rate for cannabis that is greater than the conventional sales tax–according to another poll.

The survey, commissioned by Brach Eichler LLC, revealed that 66 percent of Republicans back the legalization step, which was put before voters from the legislature. That is roughly five percentage points greater than when taxpayers were surveyed about the problem in April. Continue reading “New Jersey Wants Legal Pot and Higher Taxes on Pot Sales”